How To Get Equipment Financing

Equipment financing can benefit business owners in their business needs when cashflow is limited. You can use equipment financing to pay for business investments. The key to using equipment financing is to be clear about what is needed. You also need to be prepared to use financing. A lender will want proof of use, payment history and a realistic business plan. Equipment financing is usually given as a lease.

Equipment Financing:

Equipment financing is not normally given for new investments. There are exceptions to this rule, eg a business that buys a new equipment only to realize later on that it is obsolete. The equipment in this kind of case is considered a capital asset and it must be depreciated over the relevant length of time. There are a number of methods you can take to depreciate equipment. The most common is to burnish the value of the equipment.

Equipment Lease:

The equipment in this type of case is considered a lease asset and is treated as a lease. The lease payment is treated as income for tax purposes. The equipment in this kind of case is considered used and depreciated. A lender may require that you make a reasonable offer on the equipment. The amount that you can use the equipment as an offset for your tax liability will determine whether you are given equipment financing.


You may be able to get equipment finance if a bank is unwilling to provide credit for your new business investment. An entrepreneur may be able to get equipment finance from a private lender.

The biggest problem with these kinds of loans is that it could take months or even years before the equipment is paid for. It is not usually a good idea to borrow money for an asset that is not used immediately. The longer that the equipment is used, the less value it has as an offset for your tax liability.

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