Join Alnessa and Experience Fulfilling Spiritual Advisor Jobs

You know you’ve found the perfect job for you if you find satisfaction in performing it, while also feeling a sense of fulfillment upon knowing that you helped a person or two. This is how our spiritual advisors here at Alnessa feel every single day: they are happy with what they do, and they find joy in helping others as they start their own journeys toward spirituality. Perhaps this is also why a lot of people are beginning to look at spiritual advisor jobs, and where better to become an advisor than here at Alnessa?


Should You Go for Spiritual Advisor Jobs?


You, too, can find fulfillment and joy in starting the spiritual journeys of others by becoming a spiritual advisor. Our doors at Alnessa are always open to capable and wonderful individuals who have the innate passion of helping others and the patience to listen. If you have the qualities we’re looking for, then join our team of spiritual advisors today.


How to Be a Spiritual Advisor for Alnessa?


Before joining the team, know that we aren’t simply looking for individuals who know the spiritual advisor job description word-for-word. Here at Alnessa, we’re looking for people who have already achieved a certain level of spiritual growth. Our advisors, who have gone through their own spiritual journeys, serve as guides to those who are yet to begin their path towards spiritual growth through advice and real-life experiences.


Alnessa advisors are also adept at interpersonal skills. Each of our advisors have a warm and friendly attitude to our callers, regardless of their problem or situation. Apart from their incomparable communication skills, our advisors can also create a safe space between them and their callers, as each call is treated with utmost confidentiality. With this environment, our callers can feel safe and secure in sharing their deepest thoughts.


More than their communication skills, our Alnessa advisors are great listeners as well. We don’t simply listen to words: we listen to what our callers think and feel. Being a great listener is important here at Alnessa, as it becomes key in providing personalized advice to a caller’s own spiritual journey.


The Ideal Qualities of a Spiritual Advisor


Skills and training aside, Alnessa also looks at the characteristics and qualities of a person before they can be a certified advisor for our team. An ideal Alnessa spiritual advisor is one who is selfless, independent, respectful, and dedicated to helping other people. They value honesty and integrity, and holds a fervent passion towards enlightenment and true spiritual happiness. To sum it all up, an ideal Alnessa spiritual advisor is one filled with spiritual love.


If you have these qualities, join Alnessa and our mission to bring spiritual growth to everyone. Follow a fulfilling path of bringing light and happiness to others by being a spiritual advisor today!



Here at Alnessa, we strive to create an environment conducive to spiritual growth and healing. That’s why our advisors can set their own hours and work remotely, provided that their area has good cell or landline reception. Once you become an Alnessa advisor, you’ll get these perks, along with your very own extension number.


Keep in mind that applicants must be over 18 years old and must have SS# or EIN, Bank-Direct Deposit. All applicants will be screened thoroughly and will be interviewed to qualify to become an advisor. Find out what you need to know from our team today!


Become an Alnessa Advisor

Receive your own extension.

Set your hours

Must be over 18+,
Have good cell or landline reception,
Have SS# or EIN, Bank -Direct Deposit

All applicants are thoroughly screened, and will be interviewed to qualify to become an advisor.

All Major Credit Card
& Debit Cards Accepted

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